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Jänner 8, 2020 / Unternehmen, Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen

Good, better, SA47-LA: How a shrink tubing sets new standards in terms of tightness

Length, material, colour, shrink ratio: Depending on the application, the requirements for heat-shrink tubing can vary considerably. That’s why the range of products is so large. If, for example, special protection against moisture and other environmental influences is required, customers prefer shrink tubing lined with adhesive. SA47-LA is one of these ‘dual wall’ products. However, this is no ordinary tubing. Especially where aluminium-copper connections need to be sealed it is the market leader. Read here what makes SA47-LA so special and in for which applications it is ideal. … Weiterlesen

April 27, 2018 / Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen

Two in one: how a new diesel resistant and halogen free marker helps a locomotive manufacturer increase safety

The mistakes of the past have taught us that fire protection in the rail transport sector is a very serious concern. Legislators and standardisation bodies have defined strict requirements for the components in rail vehicles. The highest demands are placed on the safety of passengers in the event of a rescue from a long tunnel. However, the fulfilment of these standards is often challenging for manufacturers of locomotives. … Weiterlesen

Juni 15, 2016 / Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen, Unternehmen

Formula Student Team Delft harnessed for success

Formula Student is an annual construction challenge with a series of races around for budding engineers around the globe to compete in. On 3 June the team from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands unveiled its latest vehicle – the DUT16 – for the 2016 competition. HellermannTyton is proud to support this young team with parts and technology for their spectacular racing car. … Weiterlesen

Dezember 2, 2015 / Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen, Unternehmen

Die richtigen Komponenten mittels CAD-Daten effektiver beziehen

Produzenten müssen Investitionen in Produktteile wirtschaftlich halten, um im internationalen Wettbewerb bestehen zu können. Viele fertigen die Komponenten selbst, obwohl häufig passende Teile am Markt günstiger verfügbar sind. Als C-Teile Lieferant ermöglicht HellermannTyton es Ingenieuren einfach die richtige Lösung für ihre Konstruktion zu finden: durch die kostenlose Online-Bereitstellung der CAD-Daten samt 3D-Vorschau. … Weiterlesen

Oktober 5, 2015 / Märkte & Industrien, Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen

Shedding some light on photovoltaic labeling

Working proactively towards the needs of customers wherever they are located in the world is firmly anchored in HellermannTyton’s philosophy. We recently extended our understanding of regulatory requirements in the solar power sector to help operators of photovoltaic installations in Saudi Arabia with their labeling challenges.

The story begins in the United States back in 2011, when a change in Section 690 (Solar Photovoltaic Systems) of the National Electrical Code (NEC) significantly impacted labeling requirements in solar installations and … Weiterlesen

Juli 17, 2014 / Märkte & Industrien, Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen

UV-Beständigkeit von HellermannTyton Produkten getestet durch Fraunhofer ISE

Hellermann Solar Fraunhofer ISE, Kabelbinder und KlemmenEin entscheidendes Kriterium für die Wahl der richtigen Bündel- und  Befestigungskomponenten für Kabelinstallationen ist, dass die Teile aus Materialien hergestellt sind, die für die Bedürfnisse der spezifischen Anwendung geeignet sind.

Dies gilt insbesondere für Solaranwendungen, wo Verwitterungsumstände, wie beispielsweise UV-Bestrahlung, die Verwendung von vielen herkömmlichen Materialien ausschließt.

Das Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme, ISE, hat neulich im Auftrag von HellermannTyton einen erweiterten … Weiterlesen

Juli 10, 2014 / Neuprodukte & Entwicklungen, Produktanwendungen

GalvaLok PA11 series addresses issues with zinc plated solar plant mounting installations

The on-going cost reduction trend for solar plant installations means galvanised steel is frequently favoured over more costly aluminium. However, many people are not aware of an adverse effect that high concentrations of salt have on zinc plated installations in coastal areas.

HellermannTyton has performed accelerated laboratory tests on Polyamide materials in a saturated zinc chloride solution that demonstrate the pronounced deterioration of Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon), which is the main material used in most conventional cable ties. … Weiterlesen